Southern Carrot Cake

I never liked these much growing up…

I have this hilarious memory of sitting next to my brother in our mini van on our way to one of his t-ball games.  My mom turned around when we were almost to the field and said, “Bradley, what are you chewing on?” He simply replied, “carrots”…

Carrots seem to have that impact on people. They get so dried up and tasteless and you just can’t stop chewing. I remember sitting at the table gagging while trying to finish my carrots. I hope you don’t think I’m crazy…Hasn’t anyone else experienced this childhood trauma??

I like carrots now.

And this carrot cake is far from dried up and tasteless. It’s super moist and fairly simple to make.

The recipe is from my magnificent mom (surprise).

Start out by peeling and grating 2 cups of carrots.

Then you are going to combine the sugar, oil and eggs together. (If you like, you may add pineapple. I don’t like chunks in my cake, so I stick to just carrots. If you add pineapple, do so here).

My favorite ingredient in this whoooollleeee cake is the cinnamon. I love love love cinnamon. I chose this Penzeys cinnamon because it is very similar to Mikey.

Strong, sweet and spicy.


Mix all the dry ingredients together in a seperate bowl and then slowly add into the batter.

After that’s incorporated, fold in the carrots.

Tasty batter!

Grease and flour 2 round cake pans and pour in your batter.

You may also use a 9×13 pan or cupcake pans.

While these are baking you should probably make some super delicious cream cheese frosting. (recipe to follow soon)

The air will smell so heavenly while your cake bakes. Your neighbors may decide to introduce themselves after 6 months of  closed blinds and silence…

As you can see, I need to buy some toothpicks so I don’t leave giant pokey-holes in my cake.

Check to make sure they are cooked through and let cool completely before frosting.

I am embarrassed to admit that I put the top cake on upside down…It’s not a huge deal, but makes frosting the sides a bit more like caulking a crack. Yum.

It was tasty. I had to take it to an Easter dinner, otherwise I would have shared a slice with you!


4 eggs
2 Cups sugar
1 1/2 Cups vegetable oil
2 Cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 Cups grated carrots
Mix sugar, oil, and eggs (pineapple if you are using it).   Combine dry indgredients and add to batter.  Fold in carrots.  Grease and flower 2 round cake pans or one 9×13 pan.  Bake at 350, 30-40 mins.  Cool and frost with cream cheese  frosting.
1 stick butter softened
1 8 oz cream cheese softened
2 tsp vanilla
dash of salt
Slowly add in 3.5 – 4 cups powdered sugar.


5 thoughts on “Southern Carrot Cake

  1. Strong…without a doubt, just look at my arms. Sweet…I wouldn’t be married to you if I wasn’t. But spicy…I can only imagine what you mean by that!

  2. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with the “can’t stop chewing carrots” thing. My friends thing I’m crazy — though I’m replying to a year-old post on a cooking blog, so maybe they’re right…

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