Birthday Cake Explosion (And I Took a 1 Year Sabbatical)

I didn’t plan to take a year off from my blog.

Let’s start by saying that. It was a gradual vacation that turned into a sabbatical that ended with me wondering if I would ever be back. And to tell you the truth I’m not sure what the future of Mikey’s In My Kitchen Looks like. But I will tell you one thing, since I posted last my life has taken a 180 degree turn for the better.


I had so many grand plans to tell you about things happening in my life, and do fun and cute updates…but life isn’t as pretty as this blog often was. It’s long, and it’s unpredictable and it’s messy.

It’s also beautiful beyond anything you can ever put into words. I won’t drag you along any further, my love’s, my followers, WE HAD A BABY!!!!

I’d love to introduce you to the most squishy, sweet, relaxed and beautiful baby in the whole wide world, Miss Henrietta June (Etta for short or Henri if you’re my brother).


She was born on November, 30 and is now 6 months of pure sweetness. I think I’ll save all the details for a separate blog post in the future but wanted to let you know that I was gone for good reason! I was pregnant during my last post a year ago (we found out in April) and to be honest I was so ill with morning sickness I couldn’t even think about blogging about food.
Thankfully the second trimester was better and she was 2 weeks early due to something called Inter Uterine Growth Restriction (I was induced) and we met her before her due date of December 15.

Mikey and I can’t express how much love our hearts bursted with that day she entered our world. Life hasn’t slowed down since, in fact it’s sped up! We also sold our condo in the West Loop of Chicago and are currently living with my In-Laws in the burbs. We plan to move into a new house in August after we do a few renovations.

I could write forever filling you in on all that has happened in our lives over the past year, but I don’t have the time these days and will have to share what I can when I can!

So since we are not living in our own home at the Β moment, my kitchen space and all my tools are limited. BUT, our new kitchen is so gorgeous I can’t wait to bake and share recipes from the new space!
I hope to teach Etta to love baking and cooking just as my Mom did for me. She is a little chunk of cookie dough herself and I nibble her cheeks daily.

I’m sorry I didn’t check in, I hope you didn’t worry about me (I followed a blogger that one day disappeared into thin air and I still wonder what happened to her)! So if you lost sleep, I apologize. But I highly doubt it since social media is a thing and if you follow me at all you knew I had a baby and still eat lots of donuts.

Uh-Oh! Baby is awake from her nap, gotta run!

In the mean time here is an explosion of a cake I made for one of my best pal’s, April, for her 30th birthday.

It was SO MUCH FUN and was of course funfetti flavor.

It was buttercream that I colored different shades and then added Lucky Charms, Carousel Cookies and cotton candy BECAUSE I COULD.

I hope you enjoy! I missed you all and thank you so much for sticking be me while I took a year off!!!! MUCH LOVE!








7 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Explosion (And I Took a 1 Year Sabbatical)

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  2. such a wonderful happy post! Congrats! I became a first time grandma to a gorgeous, squishy, chunk of cookie dough in November, too, so I know the joy you are experience. Our Clara Grace is my absolute lovey! Henrietta is beautiful.

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