Fall is in Chicago.

I’m ready, I suppose. I refuse to do the closet swap out just yet (when you live in a small space you have to pack away your clothes by season). Especially because typically I’ll swap everything out and then it will either get really warm or really cold the following week and we won’t have the proper clothes (So maybe I should swap them so we have another week of warm weather)! Even though it’s a hassle to put everything away it’s a great way to toss out the clothes you didn’t wear all season (or for the past two…or three…and still can’t part with even though you didn’t wear it).

I’ve been a bit scattered this week after returning home from Denver (where my bro-in-law WON an award for his Pilsner at Great American Beer Festival!!!?!?!). I think the fact that my schedule is still not set has me a little frazzled and out of it. I meant to do some cooking/baking and blog but I ended up cleaning my fridge (for 3 hours) and am still in the process of super-cleaning my house.

BUT, I have made some time for this lately post because I miss you all as well as my routine (It doesn’t feel like Friday and my heart skipped when I realized it!).

I hope you’re all having a great week and that you are mentally and/or physically prepping for the inevitable change of weather that is upon us. I literally feel like it was two months ago when I posted about pumpkin spice lattes but it was already a year ago. Crazy. How much has changed since then!

Since I’m feeling in a fallish mood, here are some cozy things I’m loving on lately!

Ramen is of course one of my top favorite foods, and this recipe does not disappoint. I made this ramen last winter and the entire day of prep/cooking was well worth it. The fatty and funky broth is just the thing to warm your soul! I am actually wondering if I posted this same recipe in a lately post because I love it so much…oh well! Make it and enjoy it!


Mikey and I are slowwwllyyyy making our back living space into a more casual space and I think these Moroccan floor pillows would look amazing back there! Our house is pretty modern and so I feel like something with texture would help that room feel a bit more cozy.


This recipe is similar to my decadent hot chocolate I shared with you last year. I love the dark edit of the photo as well as that giant marshmallow! Makes me want to curl up in front of a fireplace with a giant mug of this tasty hot coco000ede0525f87cb60ff588259deffb90

Flannel season is every season for me…but if you’re unsure how to style your flannel for the season, or looking to buy a new flannel, this guide shows you 15 different outfits to wear and sport your favorite lumberjack flannel. 059d29d437c96a518274bb590d77dad8

I love warm cheesy bread. Add cheese to a carb and voila, it’s my favorite. This garlic, herb and cheese pull-apart bread has my name written all over it. I would disgust you with the amount (the entire thing) of this bread I could devour. I’m hungry right now and all I want to do is mangia some cheesy garlic bread!



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