I meant to post this on Friday…I was at a girls weekend in Lake Geneva and had way too much fun. Totally forgot to post this! So here is a belated “Lately” post for you!

What would you do if someone put you on the spot and said, “sing me your favorite/best rap”?

Think about it…you have 5 seconds. GO.

This happened to me this morning after teaching yoga and luckily I was feeling awake and energized so I was able to think on my feet. My first go to was 1-2 Step by Ciara. You know, “I shake it like Jello make the boys say hello”…that one.

I then proceeded to rap through Lose Yourself by none other than Eminem. It was fun.

I used to take myself so seriously and would get so embarrassed by the dumbest things. I still get embarrassed a lot and nervous in certain situations…but I have learned to embrace it and just see what happens. Chances are I’ll get sweaty, or my face will turn red (probably both) but life is too short to care. I wish I could tell my past self to stop caring and worrying so much. The thing I love most about getting older is that I give considerably less eff’s than I used to and it is marvelous.

I challenge you to stop caring so much about what anyone thinks and be YOU. Because you’re awesome, and you’re quirky, and sometimes you ARE super embarrassing to be around or even look at…and that’s freaking beautiful.

Here are some things I’m inspired by lately and hope you are as well! Keep being beautiful, my friends. I love you, you big freaking weirdo.

I want to turn our rooftop into a giant pillow/blanket fort and spend the night with friends watching a movie under the stars (who am I kidding? there are no stars in the city)…So under the airplanes and satellites).
9807edcd99fd3e4d5ba9a77e66f7096a Summer is still my focus and this sparkling grapefruit cocktail screams summer. Therefore, I’m going to drink them and be outside and work on dat tan doeeeeeeeee (I am way too caffeinated right now). 02d24d2db4000603c71bb46345892925Who loves geometric & chunky rings? I DO. Etsy has all the pretty things and I love supporting artists from around the globe through a stunningly beautiful website. ButterscotchofBK has the most beautiful and seemingly affordable jewelry. Please support this artist and his AMAZING work!
2fc31f9f0264e085a186ed112bda9e43 Chocolate. Almond. Coconut. 

Name, like, 3 more things (avocado, marshmallow, cream cheese) and you have listed my top 7 favorite foods. f7fc7f04772f5e7774a6f6c932b20d1a Since everything above has been an indulgence, lets step back for a moment and take in a small dose of health. Here is a beautiful, seasonal and healthy salad to get you through the week and looking towards the weekend!a80b305020412e1b2b2845646d0b64e4Have an incredible weekend. Be you, because there is no one else who can rap like you, or bake like you, hug like you or list the characters from Star Wars in just the same way as you.

Be authentic, be beautiful and spread the love that only YOU can spread! I Love you guys! Thanks for stopping by yet again 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Those grapefruit cocktails look amazing! You have dreaming about a pink grapefruit sparkling water/soda or something of that sort! Thanks for sharing that bit about taking yourself too seriously. I’m totally that way! So self conscious, still learning how to let go, let my confidence shine. Love reading your posts 😉

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