Whats up my lovely blog world?

I’ve been missing you all lately, as well as my blog + kitchen. Summer is always a CRAZY time of year for us and even though we promised to keep the weekends light…so far it has proved difficult. I won’t complain, I love seeing all our friends and family as much as we do and it is so fun to celebrate weddings, babies, baptisms (the list goes on). Not to mention the fact that I am now juggling two jobs with work and yoga, plus trying to keep my own practice as often as I can.

Yikes, typing that just started to stress me out!

I’m going to take a couple deep breaths…in…out…OK, I’m back.

So like I was saying, we are all busy. We often do it to ourselves, though. I wrote a guest blog post for my friends at Bare Feet Power Yoga a couple weeks ago and talked about how we book our schedules so full and don’t make time for the important things in our lives (Ourselves. Or maybe our partners or kids). The chaos creeps in and the first thing to go is usually the thing we need most. I know for me that when I get crazy busy my yoga practice suffers, and in turn my healthy eating and other exercise goes too.

My goal for the rest of the summer is to focus on the things that are important to me and my family first and foremost. I let guilt and pressure (also FOMO) get in the way and often find myself stressing out about what others will think if I tell them “I can’t make dinner.” Focusing in and prioritizing the way I feel needs to be more relevant in my days and weekends. I challenge you to see what you are in need more of most in your life and take time to re-organize a bit in order to make your best possible life RIGHT NOW!

While you think about it…lets look at some of the things I’m OBSESSED with lately!

This here is a Rhubarb and Rosemary Float. There are no words for it. It’s almost too pretty to drink (note I said almost).


I’m having a superrrrrrrr hard time with patio envy right now. The extremes I would go to to have this as my back yard…It’s ridiculous. If I could create a perfect patio to spend all my days and nights on I’m pretty sure it would be this. Drinks, s’mores…COME ON.

3f4c9e63f97357b27d162ffb47bced58Yesterday I had the most AMAZING opportunity to do a Fit Session at Lululemon. It’s basically every girls dream. They set me up in a big fitting room and picked out a ton of amazing gear for me to try on and then model for them. There was not one item I didn’t want. Seriously. I could have spent thousands of dollars (but didn’t). The one piece I was most obsessed with was their Ebb To Street Bra (which they gave me! Is this real life?!?). It gave me some great ‘cleave as well as support. The material is beyond soft and you can wear it under anything thanks to its seamless construction. If you’re in the market for an amazing sports bra…look no further.
LW2829S_1966_3-1The other thing I super fell in love with was this super soft long sleeved tee. It is like pure silk. I could live in this shirt. You feel like you’re wearing a cloud! Plus it has built in thumb holes…

If there is one thing I love in this world it’s carbs. If I can spread something on it or dip in/use it as a mode of transportation for other delicious foods…it’s mine. Naan is no slouch when it comes to carby transportation. Load it up with some Tikka Masala and we are gtg. This recipe teaches you how to make Instant Naan. Yes. I said instant.


Last but not least…something with a skull. This is supposedly for men…but I’m not against using a money clip. Especially if it is gold, a skull, or from Alexander McQueen...How amazing is this thing???



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