Happy National Doughnut Day!!!

Have you had a doughnut yet? I have. Worth every last greasy, sweet calorie. I licked my fingers clean and lugged it all down with some coffee. It was heavenly. Why can’t I just eat all the breakfast carbs all day every day and not die of a heart attack/weigh a million pounds?!? Life’s not fair.

What’s your favorite doughnut? My favorite is all of them.

Look at this link to find all the most delicious doughnuts your little heart can desire!

0ea354afdab850843f43d5dd26d987e2  (Old Fashioned doughnuts rank up there as one of my top favorites)slide_324117_3822743_free

There is something so beautiful about this picture.I love her hair, her makeup… Everything about it is amazing.


I was on the beach this past weekend in Marco Island, Florida and I had my fair share of sun, drinks and seafood. I did NOT want to leave and I’m still having a hard time adjusting to real life. There is nothing better than a girls weekend with some best friends. It’s just so good for the soul. This pineapple made me happy and reminded me of the carefree weekend of bachelorette shenanigans with my gals.


Coffee is 100% necessary when eating a doughnut. I love how beautiful and perfect this milk pour looks in this espresso.  The beautiful art people are able to create with food will always amaze me!


Speaking of the beach…how about this tote? You can add a liner to it or keep it like this (which is the way i prefer). It is so fun and different from the typical beach bag/tote. You will look good no matter how sunburned you get as long as you are sporting this tote bag!



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