Can you believe that we are already in the month of April? Wasn’t it LITERALLY just Christmas?

Life flies, kids, life flies.

The older I get, the faster the time goes. I sound like the old ladies at my church growing up. They would always say things like “time flies” or “her metabolism will catch up with her one day”. Which I realize now that the latter was more of a backhanded compliment. It’s like telling someone that they are skinny now but they hope they get fat in their twenties.

Since Easter is on Sunday, I was feeling a bit inspired by the season of life, love and resurrection. With Easter on my mind, I found some pretty pictures that reminded me of Easter, Spring and the renewal of life. I actually saw a weed growing out of a crack in our building yesterday! Summer is coming! The earth is slowly awakening here in Chicago and I can hear the birds encouraging the trees to stretch their tired winter bones into buds of life.

Even though it is gloomy today, those little birds are such a great reminder that with every season there is hope.

I am looking so forward to the month of April. I’ve got some super exciting stuff going on that I will share with you next week! Until then, here are some things I’ve been loving on lately.

Scones are always pretty. Carrot cake is always delicious. Those are things we all know. But combine them? Someone is a genius and I must say these scones from Broma Bakery have me in the mood for some spiced up carrot deliciousness.  8e488b6328c6e2cd546770832e6fa2be Have you heard of Food52? If not, go there immediately. They have the most amazing recipes, stores and gifts. Goooooooooo. They also have a recipe for making YOUR OWN PEEPS! I don’t actually like eating peeps…I usually just put them in the microwave, watch them grow to the size of a small cat and then throw them away…but the fact that I could make them myself is extremely intriguing. peeps-9Deviled Eggs. You either love them or you hate them. I love them.

Here are a bunch of different ways to mix up your traditional recipe! My sis-in-law is making a batch and I can’t wait to eat my weight in these little babies on Sunday at our Easter dinner with the fam. YUMMMMM.
ab2c1d4b1857ea96c7dcbd0f0cf6eea7 This outfit. It’s derby day. It’s summer. It’s sweet but sexy. It’s all the things that I want right now! e6a4b80481a2872037ab9dc4a4c8a71e I was at the grocery store last night stocking up for a party we are hosting tonight and I had an overflowing cart, my hair was on top of my head because I had just taken a hot yoga class. No makeup, no bra..I looked disheveled. I was also suupperrr hangry and in a hurry to get home and finish some chores. I was trying to stick to my list and not buy all the new flavors of Ben & Jerry’s since I was beyond starving and arriving at the point of superpissedfornoreason. I needed to eat. I needed to get out of the store. I finally got to the checkout and there is a lane that is closed but the sweet man working waved me to come through. HOWEVER, there was a woman who literally thought she owned the world standing at the end of the belt looking at a magazine while her 10 items just sat at the very front. She stood there until she was done with the magazine and then looked at me and my cart full of food and gave me the most pitiful look. She SLOWWWLLYYY put the magazine away and then of course, of course, she was buying a bottle of champagne. A bottle that the young man at the register couldn’t scan because he was underage and that also didn’t have a price tag. By the time they realized they couldn’t find the price my 200 items were piled up on the belt. Turns out the bottle was $80. I was impressed. Still annoyed, but a little jealous that she was buying grapes, low-cal flatbreads and a super nice bottle of bubbly. NOT jealous that she was rude however. It actually totally changed my mood after that whole episode. I decided to become best friends with the sweet kid bagging my groceries and be as nice as possible. Life is way too short to treat anyone like they deserve anything less than the most respect and love you can give them! And with that gigantic rant…here is an awesome list of bubbly to fit any budget! best-bubly


7 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I so agree with you! People can be so rude and inconsiderate at any retail store, but especially the grocery store. As someone who has worked in retail, fast food, etc, I really appreciate hearing that there really are SOME people who understand that we are just people trying to help! Great post 🙂

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