Woke up to a layer of snow.

Not happy about it. BUT at least it’s Friday and at least the Badgers won last night!

Talk about a stressful game. I have never seen/heard Mikey so riled up during a sporting event. I think there was a point early in the 2nd half where he shed a couple tears. Our neighbors didn’t complain/call the cops (which I was expecting) so I’m pretty happy about that too. Double win in the Evon house!

I’m heading up to Madison, WI for the night to have dinner with a couple of my best girls. There is nothing better than a last minute trip to Madison. I’m excited for girl talk, drinks and laughing until my stomach hurts! I have a million things to do before I can skip town, so I’m going to leave you with some lovely things I’m loving lately 🙂

Check out this monster. Layer upon layer of goodness. I plan on making this play on a BLT (times 5) as soon as possible!

As you know, my favorite foods include donuts and ice cream. Some genius is now my best friend. Look at these beautiful babies! 

Remember Gaucho pants??? I had 3 pairs and wore them almost every day. They were basically sweatpants and I was obsessed. I also had a pair made out of jean material, so you can imagine my surprise (or was it joy) when I saw that the jean version is making a comeback. Why do I ever get rid of my clothes?? I need those giant pant legged monstrosities back!!!!!

Lauren Conrad came out with a list of house plants you can’t kill. I know I’ve been on this tangent for weeks now. I swear we will buy some plants soon so I shut up about it. In the mean time I’m studying this list so I know exactly what to get/attempt to keep alive!

I love this image of Thai Iced Tea topped with Coconut Milk. The color! I can only imagine how refreshing and flavorful this drink must be! Once it warms up I’m trying this recipe!


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