Spring is in the air!!!!

Can you even handle the fact that it’s March already? It’s almost time for Mikey’s favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day!

I literally can’t wait to eat SO MUCH corned beef and cabbage, drink green beer, eat some Lucky Charms, search for leprechauns and wear my green striped socks that my Mom sent me in a care package in college.

The extended forecast includes temps in the 40’s and I’m so excited! I’m also so excited because Mikey and I are boarding a plane as we speak and heading to Denver for the weekend. It’s supposed to be even warmer there and I think I’m going to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt like a crazy person.

Hang in there, guys. Winter will be over soon and we can pack away the sweaters and wool socks and show our pale toes what sunshine looks like! For now I recommend you order literally anything you can imagine from Foxtrot (scroll down for more info about their amazingness) and make a blanket cave until this weather decides to stop being such a royal pain in all our our frozen booties.

Want to know what I’m obsessed with?

I Love all these stacked rings from Free People. Plus the nail color against that mug? Everything about this is fantastic.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I am so predictable. I seem to be going through a phase where I am obsessed with photos shot from above featuring things that are pink…these beautiful Grapefruit Possets got me trippin. You have to check out this blog, it’s absolutely stunning!


We all want a giant dream closet. I especially love this one because it’s white and organized and huge. I have so much closet envy here. I would absolutely sleep in this closet. It’s a dream.


I thought this “what does your beer say about you” chart was super cute. I am the hoppy India Pale Ale. I would say it’s somewhat accurate. I had to include something with beer since we are going to Denver to visit my brother in law who just accepted a position as head brewer at Dry Dock Brewery!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with some tasty beer!


It has finally arrived. All the things you could ever imagine delivered to your doorstep. Brunch. Booze. Candy. Coffee. Donuts…the list goes on forever. The options are endless. We can now be the laziest people in the world! Thanks to Foxtrot we can curb that late-night Ben and Jerry’s craving without having to leave our homes.



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