IT’S SO COLD!!!!!!

I am trying to avoid going outside as much as possible…Which means I’ve been browsing through my favorite blogs all day long and found some delicious things I had to share with you. I hope you love these links as much as I do!

My plan is to order some chinese food, pop open a bottle of Prosecco and watch as many episodes of Sons Of Anarchy as possible! Have a great weekend and stay warm!!!

I can’t wait to try this Autumn Lasagna recipe from the Cozy Apron. It contains all my favorite things!
deba41405762f980b5bb14f1d15eaf7eFor some reason, Anthropologie always makes the shoe of my dreams.

7028915d201b2b4e28d41aaf04a315eeI love cupcakes and I love champagne. Therefore, these are the perfect cupcake! 1e05522b39f7211dc20c9c08f4ccfb79I have been looking for a fun, large print to put in our living room. I think I have finally found the perfect piece547c2206f0adfdc170604c75a6ef86f9 I could cook and bake in this kitchen ALL. DAY. LONG. 262bccea8b32dca0533b7d9852108355


6 thoughts on “Lately

  1. beautiful photos, and I love everything you chose! I think I might just do the same for dinner, but maybe True Detective instead of Sons of Anarchy… 🙂

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