I totally forgot to publish my “lately” post yesterday because Mikey and I were driving up to my parents place in Wisconsin. We are up here for the weekend to hang out and relax in the beautiful Fall weather. I hope you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend so far 🙂 I spent lots of time baking last week and can’t wait to share a delicious cake with you next week!

It’s time for hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows. I promise to make some and share the goodness with you.


Mikey and I are looking for a way to bring more light to our stairwell. I love this hanging fixture but wonder if Norman will think they are toys hung just for him? I seem to always find myself back at this website…I love all the ideas and the inspiration I find at



Sooooo this counts as breakfast, right? Granola…apples…I just discovered this blog, immaeatthat and not only do I love the name…I love the tasty food and pictures too!




I don’t know what I want more…the shoes or the legs? The DISC Journal wins my vote for most inspiring Tumblr.




I can’t believe this sweatshirt exists. I really think I need it. It’s from this fantastic website, PLASTICLAND. They have super random gifts and clothing (great for Halloween costumes!).




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