These past couple days have been pretty exciting for me because I finally feel like I’m getting back to “normal” after my lip surgery!

I am able to eat solid foods and drink without drooling! I can talk and be understood and I can almost laugh (that one is still a bit tricky). In the meantime, I have been spending a lot of time sleeping, watching tv, perusing the internet and drooling over design ideas for the new condo.

I hope you had a great week.  Enjoy the things I have been loving as of late…

These shoes from Anthropologie are so beautiful. They are a little too “girly” for my everyday life, but if Mikey and I were to get married again tomorrow…I would wear these little gem’s.  img-thing

I have toyed with the idea of painting the exposed brick in our condo (Mikey disagrees) and I am constantly drawn to these industrial spaces.59c38f03721d2904876fb970ddcc13db

I am a die hard waffle fan. I will never choose a pancake over a waffle. I don’t understand how anyone could. But this picture of these Lemon Ricotta Pancakes makes me wonder if I could stray for just one meal.6fba71a1f9b76b4f8cc6789a4b7d9543

I love this big, colorful and whimsey paper cone centerpiece. It would be so fun for any event and super cheap to make! I’m trying to figure out how I can incorporate one of these cone decorations in my everyday life…housewarming party? a9e4f39a4186462a1d9b28d7d3fea17c

Welp, The Housewife In Training managed to fit all my favorite things into one treat. Captain Crunch. Peanut Butter. Chocolate. Puppy Chow. d7f77d17fe725eaaff16bf152cc2b225


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