How is it already Friday??? That is NOT  a complaint, trust me! This week flew right by which is never a bad thing! Cheeeerrsss to the freakin’ weekennnnn’…here are my latest musings from the wide world of pinterest and beyond!

Sooooooo I am obsessed with two things in life. Wine and Ice Cream. Look at these ADORABLE  Rosé and ice cream pairings illustrated by June Letters for Vanity Fair.



This Blackberry Bramble Cocktail looks thirst quenching AND pretty…a win-win!



I think Norman needs one of these




I am looking for inspiration for our balcony and I think I found it here on this website!



And then there is this Doughnut Crunch Candy Bark…at first I was confused, then intrigued and now infatuated.



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