Go-To Pie Crust

I made my first pie!

I have always been intimidated by pie crust for some reason and decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and dive in.

And it turned out great.

The pie that I will be posting soon is a Bourbon Pecan Pie with this amazingly flaky pie crust recipe I found on The Pioneer Woman’s blog. She is an amazing blogger/writer/cowgirl and if you haven’t seen her blog I encourage you to check it out!

After tons of research and looking at about a million recipes, I decided to go with this “perfect pie crust” that is made with Crisco, not butter. I was nervous when I started but soon realized how easy it really is and not as scary as I thought. You just need to move a little quick and keep your dough cool and I promise you will end up with a great pie crust!

I am so excited to share my Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe with you soon as well as try out some new pie recipes in the near future. Do you have a favorite pie recipe? If so I would love to hear what it is!
























Recipe: Go-To Pie Crust

1 1/2 Cups Crisco (Vegetable Shortening)

3 Cups All Purpose Flour

1 Whole Egg

5 Tablespoons Ice Water

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

1 Teaspoon Salt


In a large bowl, cut Crisco and flour together for a couple minutes until it resembles a coarse meal (size of peas and smaller) with a pastry cutter or fork.

In a small bowl, beat egg well and add to dough.

Add water, vinegar and salt to dough and combine all with a fork until it has a stick consistency. Do not over mix. You want to see chunks of the crisco still in the dough, this is what makes it so flaky!

Divide dough into two or three balls and place into a Ziplock freezer bag. roll into a small disc and place into freezer for about 25 minutes, or overnight/until you need to use it.

I froze mine over night and then took it out about 15 minutes before rolling it out.

When you’re ready to use dough, generously flour your hard surface and place disc on flour. Flour top of dough as well as rolling pin if needed. You can always add more flour as you go, but you don’t want to over-flour the dough or it will lose that flakey texture you want.

Slowly roll dough out, starting in the middle and rolling out to edge. If you feel like the dough is sticking to the counter, scrape up with a spatula and sprinkle with more flour.

once you’ve reached the right size disc (I used 1 1/2 of the 3 discs for my crust) gently scrape and set crust into 9 inch pie pan.

I had issues since this was my first crust and had to repair a few holes and add/cut dough in certain areas in order to make the pinched edge. Which I did not know how to do…but played around with a few different techniques until I was semi-happy with the end result.

I then placed the pie crust in the refrigerator while I made the filling.

I then placed the pie in the oven and after about 45 minutes I placed a ring of foil around just the edge of the crust so it did not get too brown. You can do this at any point throughout the baking of the pie, depending on how dark your crust begins to get.


9 thoughts on “Go-To Pie Crust

  1. Can’t wait for the recipe of that pie – it looks delicious!
    I’ve been too intimidated by pie crust as well, but my mom got me mini pie tins and a mini pie cookbook for Christmas, so I guess I need to get over that fear and start baking. I’ll have to try out this pie crust recipe – it looks fantastic!

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