Thankful: A Year In An Instagram

How do I begin to tell you all the things I am thankful for?

One of the many things I’m thankful for is Instagram…Because I take pictures of everything, including the things I love most.  Food, family, friends and my furry little feline.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and took time to look back on all the things you are thankful for.  Here is a glimpse into my life for those of you who only know me for my blog and not me (thanks for subscribing and leaving your supportive comments!).  One thing I have to say is that this year has had its ups and downs, and Instagram only seems to capture the moments of joy and happiness.  I hope this year has found you with more ups than downs and that you too can take a moment to reflect on the things you are thankful for this holiday season!

There are a million pictures I wanted to include and therefore went with the idea of my life in an Instagram, rather than all photos.  So please forgive me if you’re not in a picture.  I love you.  Remind me to take more pictures with you.  Also, though not included, I am very thankful for the Green Bay Packers…mostly Aaron Rogers…please call off your engagement.


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