Lets blame my recent absence on jet lag…

Although we both know two weeks is more than enough time to catch up on sleep, it seems like a better excuse than, “I’ve been too busy and haven’t made time for you”.

Since I have been so busy, my time to relax or spend any time in the kitchen has been fleeting.  Because of that, I’m going to try and share a glimpse of my amazing trip abroad.

We started in Munich, Germany.  Did you know the best way to beat jet lag to drink beer, without stopping, until you fall asleep in your chair?

(If you are my friend on facebook, I apologize for the repetition of pictures/info)

Our first beer in Munich.

And of course, being a true Wisconsin native, I had to order the cheddarwurst.  It was a fan favorite at the table!

After lunch, we wandered around the city square for a bit and decided we were beginning to fade.

Time for another beer, this time from Paulaner.

We then walked out to the Chinese Tower, where we had some snacks (sorry about the mouthful of pretzel) and yet another beer.

Also note my exhausted brother-in-law in the background, ha.

Our second to last stop, the infamous Hofbrauhaus.

Not a flattering picture.

However, I feel like this picture captures the essence of how we all felt after our first day in Munich, without any sleep for 24 hours.

If you don’t know my in-laws, they’re pretty great.

See that guy on the right?

That’s my brother-in-law.  He is in school in Munich to become a master-brewer.

Pretty fancy stuff.

Thanks to him we all got to travel all around Germany and Austria, drinking delicious beer all along the way!

Day two, feeling well rested, we headed out on a bike tour of Munich.

We went back to the Chinese Tower where we consumed an asinine amount of German food.  Our tour guide was impressed by how much “protein” our table was able to consume.

Adorable gelato cart.

Our last day in Germany, we headed to the Weihenstephan abbey and brewery in Freising. The worlds oldest continually operating brewery, dating back to the year 768.

We wanted to steal the cheese from that table.

More pretzels and mustard and, of course, beer.

Off to Salzburg, Austria.  This was taken on the train on the way there

The real Budweiser!


We had to take a break for some espresso and dessert.

This was a delicious and light lemon scented cake with a vanilla mouse center that was just slightly sweet. It was amazing. We also had a rhubarb and apple strudel, but ate them too fast to take a picture (that seemed to be a trend on this trip).

My sis-in-law, Bonnie, was about 6 months pregnant on our trip and her lovely husband waited in line for about 30 minutes to get her “the best sausage in Austria” (according to our tour guide in Munich).  It’s actually called a Bosna.  Basically sausage in a french role smothered in a delicious curry sauce.  I had a bite.  It’s true.

We sampled some decadent swiss chocolates.

And ate at the oldest restaurant in Europe, the Stiftskellar St. Peter, where we had a 3 course meal, with each course followed by a short Mozart concert/play.

Prosecco before dinner…I miss vacation

We went out our last night in Salzburg, and the bar we went to had my favorite beer in the whole world.  It’s called Desperado, and it’s made in France.  It’s brewed with tequila and they put a lemon wedge in it.  I have tried to find it in the U.S. and have had no such luck.  Turns out they don’t distribute it outside of Europe 😦 .  Needless to say I was a very happy girl.

The final leg of our trip was spent at a Bed and Breakfast in Obertraun, Austria.

We ate amazing food and drank delicious beer and wine. We were tucked away in the Austrian Alps next time a glacial lake and surrounded by breathtaking views.

Our B&B was called, Haus Hepi, and our host’s were so lovely!

Fried pork belly.

A fully stocked mini fridge.

Elderflower infused cider.

And of course,  even at the top of the Austrian Alps you can enjoy a nice bier.

And so we did.

Unfortunately, I can’t share every picture and every memory with you, but you get the idea.  It was an amazing 10 days in Germany and Austria and, needless to say, we were sad to leave.  There is one good thing about being back, however…I’ll finally have some time to get back in the kitchen!!


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