Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake is one of my ultimate comfort foods.

It is carb filled, buttery, warm and cinnamon-y.

This coffee cake is either the best, or a close second to the best coffee cake in the world (my mom’s being the best/second best. Her’s is a more dense version of this).

You should make this coffee cake for Thanksgiving morning.

Make it the night/day before and warm the cake  in the oven the next morning.

Take a few minutes to relax with a cup of coffee and a slice or two of this before you let the chaos of cooking/baking/family ensues.

There are not many ingredients in this coffee cake.

Just the simple things that make baked goods so delicious.

Eggs, sugar, butter and flour…always a good start.

Then just a few other staple ingredients and you will be filling your house with the amazing scent of butter and cinnamon.

Only the egg whites are used in this recipe.

Flour, salt and baking powder.

Beat the egg whites and set aside.

Cream together the sugar and butter.

Alternately add the flour mixture and milk.

Leave a ton of extra batter on the beater so you can eat it…

Very gently stir in the egg whites.

Spread into your large baking dish…or in my case, roasting pan.

Mash together the streusel topping…

Bake for about 40 minutes…

Eat it while it’s steaming hot and burn your fingers on the gooey caramel-like streusel that is inside…

NOT. Either be patient (I realize that’s unrealistic) or use a spatula.

But even if you use a spatula you will probably burn your mouth…

Just be careful. Remember what you were taught as a child. Blow on it.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and before the crazy holiday shopping/baking/lack of exercising/family funn-ing/screaming of  All I Want For Christmas Is You, at the top of your lungs in the car/terrible traffic and angry soccer moms at the mall begins…

I want to take a moment and be thankful.

(I have however already started screaming All I Want for Christmas Is You. I didn’t think Mariah Carey’s version could get any better…and then J. Biebs came along and made it even better. I like him. Leave me alone. You probably secretly do too.)

You should take a moment to be thankful too. Take 5 minutes out of the craziness you call life and write down the top 20, 10 or even 2 things you are thankful for.

OR, send someone a note to let them know you are thankful for them, or something they have done for you.

I bet you will feel really great! Not to mention you will make someone’s day.

Here are just a few of the things I am so thankful for this year!

Mikey. I am constantly amazed at how well he loves me and how completely taken care of I am.

My family. Words DO NOT describe how much I love them. Seriously. As my family grows, we all seem to grow that much closer. I started out with one brother and a lot of cousins. Now I have sisters, who I love more than life, and cousins who are now producing more cousins (aka having babies) of their own! I have the most incredibly loving in-laws, which has been such a blessing! Family has always the most important thing to me and through all of my 24 years of hardships, laughter and tears, we are only closer because we stuck by each other through all of those difficult times.

God. Duh. Without him none of my happiness would have meaning. Everything in my life is a blessing from him and I would have nothing to be thankful for without his grace and love.

Friends. Obviously. New and old, you are so completely there for me all the time. When Mikey and I got married and lived in Madison, WI I had one friend. She now lives in NY and I miss her sooooo much! But she made my time there so fun! Then I moved to Chicago and was overwhelmed by the friendships I made and the acceptance I felt from Mikeys friends! Then I have my friends from elementary and high school who make me feel like I am the funniest person (which I am, 😉 and completely fill my soul until I am bursting. I have my college friends who are able to pick up from where we left off, whether that be a week or 2 years.  The list goes on, and as you all know, I can talk forever so I’ll stop.

I’ll try to make the rest of this short…I know it is pretty cliche, but you don’t have to read it…

The abiliy to be able to bake and share this blog with all my wonderful friends, family and followers. I am so thankful for amazing jobs Mikey and I have that allow me to have the means to bake and share my food and thoughts with you.

I am thankful for my cat, Norman. Although he is super annoying most of the time…I love him and his cuddles to death.

And finally, in no particular order, I love: chocolate. Coffee. Ben and Jerry, for all the wonderful ideas they have. Caramel. Tea. Popcorn. Mad Men. My iPhone. Chapstick. Sweaters. Justin Timberlake. Writing letters. Shopping. Pickles. Mikey always doing my dishes. Dumb and Dumber. My Mom. Wine. Cheese Curds. Aaron Rodgers. Pistachios. My niece, Susie. Makeup. Dumb commercials that no one laughs at but me. The GREEN BAY PACKERS. Mikey. Being blonde. Squash. Beer. Up North. New friends. Reading. Trying new foods/restaurants. Baking. My Dad. Breaking Bad. High heels. Singing. Knitting. Avocados. Top Chef. Seeing people trip. My Brother.

And last but not least, all of you who read and support my blog!!

Be thankful!

It’s good for your heart.

Recipe: Coffee Cake

For the cake:

1-½ stick Butter, Softened

2 cups Scant Sugar

3 cups Flour, Sifted

4 teaspoons Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Salt

1-¼ cup Whole Milk

3 whole Egg Whites, Beaten Until Stiff
For the topping:

1-½ stick Butter, Softened

¾ cups Flour

1-½ cup Brown Sugar

2 Tablespoons Cinnamon

1-½ cup Pecans, Chopped  (I a little do less than 1 cup)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt.

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks and set aside.

Cream together butter and sugar in a mixer.

Once butter and sugar are completely combined, alternately add the flour mixture and the milk.

Don’t overbeat. Fold in beaten egg whites with a rubber spatula.

Spread in a well-greased pan. As you saw, I used a roasting pan. You want a large pan to allow the dough to rise a bit, but also to be thin. You could do it in a 9×13, but I think it would be too thick and not cook evenly. You may end up with a burnt crust.  If you have a cake pan with higher sides that would be best, but I used a roasting pan and it worked perfectly.
In a separate bowl, combine topping ingredients with a pastry cutter until crumbly.

Sprinkle all over the top of dough and  bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until no longer jiggly.

Best served immediately/warm, but is delicious no matter how you serve/eat it!

Like all things buttery and delicious, this recipe is from my inspiration, The Pioneer Woman


4 thoughts on “Coffee Cake

  1. This looks really yummy and way easier then my version. Must try.
    Thanks for reminding me to take time to be thankful.
    I am so thankful for you my beautiful, sweet, fun daughter.
    You love and care for people so well and you are a HUGE
    joy and blessing in my life. I love you buckets of caramel corn!

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