You may or may not know that Mikey and I were gone on vacation.

We went to Washington for some food, music and minor relaxation.

We spent three days and late nights at the Gorge Amphitheater. Google it. Now.

It was the most amazing venue in the world.

We went for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, and saw him and many other FANTASTIC artists.

We also indulged in some great food.

Mostly at the Pikes Place Market in Seattle.

Our first order of business was to get seafood.

And what better than a basket full of fresh, fried seafood?

The famous fish company where they launch giant fish through the air.

That guy was thrown through the air about 2 minutes after this picture was taken.

Wall of gum.

The wall/alleyway actually smelled like mint/fruity gum.

Fresh cheese.

Nowhere near as delicious as Wisconsin cheese.

If you watch the food network you may have heard of this place.

Best cheesecakes ever.

They had a million varieties (I would have gotten peanut butter but wanted Mikey to eat half) and we chose White Chocolate Raspberry.

I want to go back and eat them all.

Mini donuts.

I could have watched them all day.

Dinner in the Pugot Sound.

Seafood of course.

Mikey insisted on wearing this and told me I had to wear mine too.

As you can see I was not excited.

I didn’t end up wearing it for the meal. Sorry.

Mikey kept his on.

He’s known for spilling on himself.

Seafood heaven

There a hundreds of vineyards throughout Washington.

We stopped at one outside of Cashmere, WA, called Bella Terrazza where we met Jon.

He is an Italian from California whose wife told him he needed a hobby.

The vineyard was immaculate and the wine was delicious.

We decided on two bottles, a white and a red, but wished we could have fit more into our suitcase!

My favorite coffee/pastry shop in the world thus far.

Anjou Bakery. 

The Anjou Pear is grown in an orchard next to the coffee shop.

This is an Anjou Pear pastry.

I went back the next day for a cinnamon roll and another latte.

Sorry I didn’t bake or cook anything in this blog.

There are no recipes to follow.

But I promise to get back into my kitchen now that summer is nearly over and it feel like fall has found us once again here in Chicago.

Time for boots, larger scarves, all things pumpkin, extra cups of coffee and tea and trips up to Wisconsin to enjoy the changing colors.

Thanks for sticking with me these past few months!

Fall = baking and I will try not to disappoint!


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