Vanilla Layer Cake with Raspberries and Mascarpone Frosting

This is THE cake of your dreams. I promise.

I never want to make and then consume another cake or frosting ever again. This cake is too good. I saw a cake like this and loved how pretty it was but couldn’t find a recipe that I liked. I looked for months. Then finally, I found it. With a few little tweaks I’ve found what is the best white cake/frosting combo of all time. You choose the fruit/filling of your choice and I promise you dreams will come true.


The older I get the more I like fruit with my dessert (I literally remember being so annoyed when all the old church ladies would bring lemon bars and fruit desserts to all the potlucks and now I’m starting to get it. Plus there’s the diabetes I guess…). Don’t get me wrong, fruit certainly isn’t a necessity in my desserts. I literally just sat on the couch and ate an entire sleeve of graham crackers dipped in Nutella while binge watching Netflix. Damn you Netflix for nurturing my bad habits. Fruit desserts just seem to be creeping their way higher and higher on my list (but it’s fruit which means it’s healthy).

I just had a terrifying realization…I was about to reminisce about how it’s totally cool to devour garbage foods while binge watching Netflix because winter is on the way and that means I can hide myself under sweaters and baggy clothes…wrong!! I have to wear yoga clothes and be an example of health…what have I done!?

JK…(for the most part).  Yoga is the greatest thing ever and it actually helps me eat way healthier when I know I am headed to class or to teach! But even yoga isn’t going to stop me from eating all the cake at all times of the morning, day and night!

Aren’t you obsessed with these pictures. The raspberries look sooooooo pretty. And seriously this cake tastes even better than it looks!


And then you slice into it…and it is filled with even more beauty. More raspberries and MORE frosting. This frosting is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I ate that on graham crackers too…and then I ran out of grahams so I just switched over to regular crackers. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

You could also mush up the raspberries for the middle/filling of the cake if you wanted more raspberry in every bite. You could also just do a layer of jam or a homemade sauce throughout this layer (or chocolate/caramel)…the list goes on and on!

Whether you’re looking for a cake for a party or celebration or just feel like making a cake for no reason (that’s what I did), I recommend you try this recipe as soon as possible. It’s delicious! And no one has to know if you eat the entire thing on the couch while binge watching Netflix. I promise you won’t be the first….


DSC_0212 DSC_0216 DSC_0094 DSC_0232

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Buckwheat Scones with Fig Jam

There is nothing better than pretty food and great lighting for taking pictures. I made these scones and the lighting was absolutely perfect. I had a SUPER hard time choosing what pictures to use and which to toss…so I just used a bunch of them.


I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I know I did and am now ready for a full on detox! It is still crazy hot and humid here and I will admit I am ready for some fall weather. I heard on the news that the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is back today…that means it’s fall now, right?!


The best scone I have ever tasted was when I lived in London. We went to afternoon tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. They brought us the most delicious scones with clotted cream and jam and I was in heaven. Everyone was dressed beautifully and I felt so fancy. I had never even had a scone before then and that was where I fell in love.

Any item that serves as transportation for clotted cream or jelly is a favorite food of mine!


I was inspired to make these particular scones because they serve a version of these at my favorite coffee shop in our neighborhood.  It’s called La Colombe. They are slightly sweet and salty and they go so well with your coffee!

I would add a slight sprinkle of coarse sugar if I were to make these again. They were perfect when served with some extra jelly and cream cheese.

Scones seem like a fall brunch/snack to me so since I woke up feeling ready for some cooler weather this seemed like a fun recipe to share with you today (instead of a detox salad). Enjoy this shortened week, and maybe plan to make some scones this weekend and relax with a cup of coffee and some friends!







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Coconut Bread

I am back in my kitchen, babes.

I spent most of the day Sunday making some meals for a friend and trying a couple new recipes. Boy did it feel good to make a complete disaster of my kitchen. I am still finding coconut shred’s throughout the house.

This simple, one bowl, coconut bread is fast to whip up and smells absolutely amazing. It turned out beautifully with a golden brown crust on the top. There is a slight hint of cinnamon followed by the nutty chew of coconut. A tasty bread that is great for breakfast, lunch or a midday snack.


Baking is so therapeutic for me. I usually will turn on some music and get totally lost in whatever it is I’m making. Whether it’s cooking or baking, I love to watch simple ingredients transform into beautiful dishes. I think one of the ways I show love best is by gifting people. Sometimes that’s in the form of an actual gift, a bottle of wine, or a jar of granola. I just feel like it’s a giant hug and a way that I show my gratitude to my friends and family for all they do for me.

Sometimes I’ll get stressed out trying to get the perfect picture of food, and stress out about the edit, or blur, or lighting. But the process from the very beginning (scouring the internet and cookbooks) to the end (clicking publish on my blog or licking the last crumb from a plate) can be so rewarding. I love seeing the comments, shares and reblog’s I receive through this blog. I love the smiles and feedback I get when I bake for someone or bring tasty treats to work. I’ve always been that way. I think I watched my Mom do the exact same thing and loved the way people would light up when they saw her coming with a plate of cookies or a pie.


It’s the little things that can really make such an impact or brighten someones day. You may be a terrible baker. Cooking might be your jam. The idea of carefully measuring out a few dozen small powders and ingredients may be your idea of a nightmare. But, you may be able to throw together the most bomb stir fry with whatever you can dig up in the refrigerator (cough…mikey…cough). No matter if you love to spend time in the kitchen or absolutely hate the thought of turning on your stove, I guarantee you are gifted at loving well.

I encourage you to focus on whatever that talent is. Maybe you can write beautiful words to change someones day. Or perhaps you give a kick ass back massage. Whatever you’re best at, try sharing it with someone today or this week. Not only will you leave someone feeling lighter, loved and with a smile on your face but I promise you it will brighten your day as well!


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Guinness Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting (Vegan)

Dessert that pairs well with beer is always a good thing.

This cakes if for the man’s man. Tell any dude you made them a cake with Guinness and they will fall in love with you. Even better, bring them a 6 pack of some delicious stout beer to drink with it and I promise they will never forget it!


I actually made this because I didn’t have any dairy in the house and I had some leftover Guinness in the fridge. Don’t be scared by the beer in this cake, my go-to chocolate cake always has stout in it! The stout gives the cake an intensely deep flavor that pairs sooooo well with the cocoa. The Guinness also makes the cake super light, fluffy and moist all at the same time.

The frosting is also super complex and is so fun because you make it in a food processor!

I’m telling you, this cake is bomb.

I made Guinness Cupcakes way back in the day with a whiskey glaze and they are still one of my favorite desserts on the blog! Adding beer is a fool-proof way to get a super tasty and rich chocolate flavor in your cakes.

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Chewy Granola Bars

These no-bake, peanut butter, coconut oil, coconut flake, chocolate chip, protein packed granola bars are insane.

You will love them and the people you share them with will love you. I promise.


These bars are super easy to make and are better than the chewy granola bars you buy at the store. I promise. You will also end up saving money, and mine were 100% organic and gluten free. Eat that Whole Foods! (Just kidding, I still super love you).

I never liked granola bars (surprise, surprise. I never liked anything) until I went to college and was desperate for cheap, easy meals. My Mom was always searching for ways to make me eat as a kid and she would always try and buy “fun” granola bar flavors for us. They were basically candy bars. I don’t know if Kudos Bars still exist? They were “granola bars” that were Snicker or Butterfinger flavored and then dipped in chocolate. Chewy Quaker bars went through a candy bar flavor phase as well and I remember my sweet Mom would always pack one in my lunch and one for an after school snack. I don’t think I ever ate one. I had a giant stockpile in my locker, backpack and melted under the seats in my car.

Now, as we all know, I eat everything all the time and love it all. Therefore, I had to get these granola bars out of my house within 24 hours because Mikey and I both couldn’t stop. When you tell yourself something is organic, high in protein, and “healthy” it seems so justifiable to keep eating it…

I will say that the girls at work loved these so much they hid them in a drawer away from everyone else. I was proud of them. That is a true Bethany move.






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