Sriracha Lime Corn Salad

Corn is my favorite. The only time I met a corn dish I didn’t like was the time it was in my ice cream. I’ve tried it like, 3 times. I can’t do it.

This salad, however, is the thing dreams are made of. Plus, it’s spicy. Sriracha is one of my favorite flavors/spices. The salty and sweet Cotija cheese is a delicious addition and the corn is fried up to perfection.


Remember a year ago when I had that lip surgery? I don’t know how much I talked about it…it was embarrassing. It basically went a little something like, “I love corn on the cob. I’m going to chomp a hugeeee bite into this corn. Oh crap, I just bit into my lip so hard”…that lead to A. a bloody lip and B. an invasive surgery to remove a swollen salivary gland. It was fun…

This time of year seems to be my injury prone time of year. Maybe it’s the change in weather (doubt it). Maybe it’s the lack of sleep/too much fun all summer and my body is shutting down (probably). All I know is that last year there was the lip, then as soon as that healed I rolled my ankle while jogging and I still have random pain from that…PLUS, last night I stepped on a piece of glass and I can’t really walk very well…SOMEONE LOCK ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ARRIVES AND DON’T LET ME OUT UNTIL OCTOBER. Does anyone else feel my pain (not literally)??? But for real, does anyone else have like, a more injury prone type of year? Is this a thing? Or is it just me (I have a strong feeling it’s just me). I’m going to go into a padded room until October 1. If you need me you now know where to find me…

But until I hibernate, and now that I’m a year healed from the lip fiasco and can eat solid foods again, I am back on my corn game (I was never really off of it. The “incident” couldn’t keep my love for corn at bay).

This is an amazingly easy and TASTY corn salad that I could eat in one sitting by myself easily. It’s quick to make and could be adjusted with other herbs, spices and veggies to taste. You can serve it warm or cold and it honestly packs a punch from all the Sriracha. We loved it.

I discovered this recipe on food52, one of my favorite places to find recipes as well as beautiful gifts and interesting articles.


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This has been an exhausting week. Every day feels like Monday and we didn’t even work Monday due to the Holiday…cue the violin and, yes, I would love some cheese with my whine.

BUT, we made it through the week and it is finally FRIDAY!!!!

Also, as promised last week I have some super exciting news to share with you! No, I’m not pregnant. I’m at the ripe old age of 28 and I’ve been married for 6 years so literally everyone, including strangers, ask me if/when I’m having a baby. But I digress. So, the big news issssssssssssss………….

I quit my job to become a full time yoga teacher!!! I’m soooo excited to begin this new chapter of my life and I am SO amazed by the opportunities that have presented themselves already! I am teaching at 2 studios, have 2 corporate clients as well as private lessons and I feel blessed beyond words. The mentors, friends and amazing students I have already met in the past 4 1/2 months have been awe inspiring and I can’t wait to keep growing with them!

I have one of my best friends visiting from out of town this weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate with a toast of bubbly! Or perhaps this AMAZING Apple Cider Rum Old Fashioned. I would sub rum for whiskey or brandy being the Wisconsin gal that I am. But omg, I’m ready for some fall cocktails!


Boot weather is fast approaching and I am in need of some new booties. I didn’t buy any new boots last fall which means I deserve a new pair (or two). I am obsessed, and I mean obsessed with these Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Booties. Dear boot God’s, please send me a pair in a size 8. Thank you, I love you…sincerely, Bethany.

unnamed(7)Anthropologie can do no wrong. Their blog is so inspiring and tasty. I always find so much deliciousness whenever I browse through. Fall is coming (can you tell I’m excited) and that means campfires are coming too. Look at these Bonfire Night Chorizo Dogs…and then thank me for the hunger pains that fill your belly.


Someday Mikey and I want to build a home. Thankfully someone crawled into my brain and did it for me.

White for days. Windows for days. It’s all I’d ever need. d4017ab86c1f82efd11989ebb1d4ebcb

Speaking of all I’d ever need. Probably this cake…

It looks a little fudgy for me…but I’m pretty sure I could manage. The salty peanut butter plus a glass of milk is all I would need to eat myself into a coma/shock. Anyone want to challenge me to a bake off? Or maybe you just make this cake and then I’ll come over eat a ton of it and then sleep on your couch. Yes? Ok great, be there in 5.


Buckwheat Scones with Fig Jam

There is nothing better than pretty food and great lighting for taking pictures. I made these scones and the lighting was absolutely perfect. I had a SUPER hard time choosing what pictures to use and which to toss…so I just used a bunch of them.


I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I know I did and am now ready for a full on detox! It is still crazy hot and humid here and I will admit I am ready for some fall weather. I heard on the news that the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is back today…that means it’s fall now, right?!


The best scone I have ever tasted was when I lived in London. We went to afternoon tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. They brought us the most delicious scones with clotted cream and jam and I was in heaven. Everyone was dressed beautifully and I felt so fancy. I had never even had a scone before then and that was where I fell in love.

Any item that serves as transportation for clotted cream or jelly is a favorite food of mine!


I was inspired to make these particular scones because they serve a version of these at my favorite coffee shop in our neighborhood.  It’s called La Colombe. They are slightly sweet and salty and they go so well with your coffee!

I would add a slight sprinkle of coarse sugar if I were to make these again. They were perfect when served with some extra jelly and cream cheese.

Scones seem like a fall brunch/snack to me so since I woke up feeling ready for some cooler weather this seemed like a fun recipe to share with you today (instead of a detox salad). Enjoy this shortened week, and maybe plan to make some scones this weekend and relax with a cup of coffee and some friends!







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Guys…Where did summer go? I mean, the weather is hot and I’m not complaining but like…it’s already September?!? That’s all I’ll say about it. I just can’t believe it’s real.

Speaking of real…I’ve been out of high school for 10 years. Ew. I’m going to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend and It’s a very hard realization to face knowing you’ve been away that long….

I’m SO excited for a weekend up in the woods with my best friends. I plan to make all the s’mores I possibly can and drink all the tasty WI beer I can get my hands on!

Here is the first September lately…and it’s insane because I feel like it should be July…summer you flew by!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Holiday weekend! Stay safe out there, folks!

As you know I have an obsession with coffee. Therefore this picture is no surprise to you. I love the way the hot espresso is melting its way down through the ice and cream. I. LOVE. JAVA.


If someone could please deliver this salad to me right now that would be great. Burrata is obviously the best cheese on the planet. Plus fresh peaches, red onion and a vinaigrette. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. But only shut if after you’ve delivered this salad to me, and then leave so I can stuff it in my face…Please and thank you. unnamed(2)

It’s still summer. Therefore I’m going to post as many beachy looking pictures and jewels as possible. I loveeeee that gold line of dots running down her finger. I want that to be a permanent tattoo on my hand!


I realize that donuts are trendy right now. And I know I post about them a ton/eat them a ton/love them a ton, but it runs in my family and I have no choice.

My Dad has always been a very skinny guy even though he has a super sweet tooth. He can eat pastries and desserts all day long. When I was a kid he would have a donut or an apple fritter every morning (and if no donut then he would have a stack of cinnamon & sugar toast). Every night my Dad has a bowl of cereal before bed. One of my favorite late night snacks is also a bowl of cereal! I have learned to love a lot of things from my dad. He is very wise when it comes to eating carb-filled sweets!

And speaking of carbs, check out this BEAUTIFUL blog, Apt2B Baking Co. Amazing.


Last but not least, a cocktail. It’s still summer and it is hot! hot! hot! here. I can’t wait to make a few delicious cocktails this weekend (like this Bay Breeze) and enjoy what is left of the summer!


Pulled Pork Enchiladas

I shared my homemade enchilada sauce with you a little while back and here are the enchiladas to go with it!

These enchiladas are a bit different in that they have a sweeter pulled pork recipe inside them. You can add and subtract as many ingredients as you want in order to make them just the way you like!

DSC_0027I thought this was a fun change on a typical enchilada but I will be honest and say that I prefer a classic flavor to this. I work in the BBQ sauce industry so these reminded me a bit more of a sweet BBQ than the typical smoky/spicy kind. I sometimes love to mix up the normal recipes we make and this was definitely a fun experiment. The meat was sooooo good, and could have easily been used to make a pulled pork sandwich!

The other thing that is so fun about this recipe is, as I mentioned, how you can add and subtract ingredients to fit it to your needs. I added black beans but you could add any type of bean or rice to the inside of these enchiladas. You can sub pork for beef or chicken if you like that better as well.

The best part about Mexican food is definitely the toppings. Here are just a few ideas…Hot sauce/salsa, onions (yellow, white, red or green), olives, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, different types of cheese…the list goes on!

Here is the recipe for my go-to, super easy Chicken Enchiladas

I hope this recipe helps you get through your hump day! I am looking SO FORWARD to the long, Holiday weekend!

I have a super exciting announcement to share with you next week and I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!

I know, the anticipation is killing you…guess you’ll have to wait 🙂

Have a great week and good luck staying cool in this scorching weather that showed up here in the Midwest!



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