Hey, hey blog world!

Who is excited for the long weekend?

I KNOW I AMMMMM! Mikey and I are taking off early tomorrow morning to head up to northern WI and hang out with friends and family. We are also attending the wedding of one of my best friends from home and I can’t wait to celebrate her marriage and dance my face off!

I hope you are as excited for your weekend as we are! Here are a few links to things I’ve been loving on lately :)

I love how simple and sweet these almond and white nectarine financiers look.



Even though I love summer…I have a VERY slight (please summer, don’t end!) bit of excitement for fall. I can’t wait to bust out my Moto Jacket (similar to the one pictured here) for the season!


To me this cake is absolute perfection. Not only because I love carrot cake to death…but because the style of it is everything to me.


I thought I was organized…and then I saw the organization in this  Closet… I have some work to do.


Did I mention that I’m so excited for the long holiday weekend! I can’t wait for the moment when I’m sitting with my family up north enjoying a nice cocktail…perhaps this Apricot Lime Mojito!



Blueberry Zucchini Bread


There is something so beautiful about a fresh baked loaf of bread.


Maybe it is the way it smells as it bakes in the oven, or the success you feel when it turns out well and doesn’t sink in the middle!

Whatever it is, I love it.

Although Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread and Glazed Poppy Seed Bread are my all time FAVORITE breads…This is next in line! I love the addition of blueberries. I posted my Mom’s Zucchini Bread recipe a long time ago, and it is AMAZING as well! But the fresh juicy blueberries really liven up this bread. As you can see, I have a strong passion for loafs of bread and you can see them all here in my Recipe Index.



My Mom inspired me to make this bread when I was holed up after lip surgery last week. She called me after about a week of texting and emailing only (this was difficult since we talk almost every day) and I was so happy to have a real conversation with her. She told me about this amazing bread she made and I asked if I could steal her idea for my blog. She said of course (she’s such a peach) and I’m so glad she did! This bread was a complete hit at work and disappeared in about 20 minutes!

I also think the fact that we have access to beautiful, farm fresh zucchinis and blueberries made this bread that much sweeter. Since I can’t have a garden of my own (even if I did I’m pretty sure everything would die…) I feel very appreciative to find local and organic produce so easily at my grocery store and farmers market. I hope you are enjoying this seasons fresh fruits and veggies as much as we are!







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These past couple days have been pretty exciting for me because I finally feel like I’m getting back to “normal” after my lip surgery!

I am able to eat solid foods and drink without drooling! I can talk and be understood and I can almost laugh (that one is still a bit tricky). In the meantime, I have been spending a lot of time sleeping, watching tv, perusing the internet and drooling over design ideas for the new condo.

I hope you had a great week.  Enjoy the things I have been loving as of late…

These shoes from Anthropologie are so beautiful. They are a little too “girly” for my everyday life, but if Mikey and I were to get married again tomorrow…I would wear these little gem’s.  img-thing

I have toyed with the idea of painting the exposed brick in our condo (Mikey disagrees) and I am constantly drawn to these industrial spaces.59c38f03721d2904876fb970ddcc13db

I am a die hard waffle fan. I will never choose a pancake over a waffle. I don’t understand how anyone could. But this picture of these Lemon Ricotta Pancakes makes me wonder if I could stray for just one meal.6fba71a1f9b76b4f8cc6789a4b7d9543

I love this big, colorful and whimsey paper cone centerpiece. It would be so fun for any event and super cheap to make! I’m trying to figure out how I can incorporate one of these cone decorations in my everyday life…housewarming party? a9e4f39a4186462a1d9b28d7d3fea17c

Welp, The Housewife In Training managed to fit all my favorite things into one treat. Captain Crunch. Peanut Butter. Chocolate. Puppy Chow. d7f77d17fe725eaaff16bf152cc2b225

Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Filling

Sorry for the delay in post’s! Mikey and I have had a complete whirlwind of a couple weeks!

AND I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you…


We bought our first place!

DSC_0102We have finally dug ourselves out from the sea of boxes and are beginning to feel at home in the new place!

I also had to undergo a minor surgery on my lip on Wednesday and have been spending the past couple days on the couch binge watching Scandal in a painkiller daze.

I have been avoiding Pinterest and my daily blogs because I’m on a liquid diet and looking at food is torture! It’s so hard to skip over the Food Network when you’re spending your days on the couch! But today I am feeling better and was able to have coffee which has made me feel like a new woman!


This was the last thing I baked for the blog in our old place. This post is a bit sentimental but I am excited to test the lighting and try new recipes in our first home!

I hope you’re all doing well. Thanks for sticking with me during this transition period while we get back into the swing of life! I promise to get back on the baking wagon asap!

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How is it already Friday??? That is NOT  a complaint, trust me! This week flew right by which is never a bad thing! Cheeeerrsss to the freakin’ weekennnnn’…here are my latest musings from the wide world of pinterest and beyond!

Sooooooo I am obsessed with two things in life. Wine and Ice Cream. Look at these ADORABLE  Rosé and ice cream pairings illustrated by June Letters for Vanity Fair.



This Blackberry Bramble Cocktail looks thirst quenching AND pretty…a win-win!



I think Norman needs one of these




I am looking for inspiration for our balcony and I think I found it here on this website!



And then there is this Doughnut Crunch Candy Bark…at first I was confused, then intrigued and now infatuated.