S’More Bars

I recently went back to some of my first post’s and was appalled by the terrible quality of the pictures. I am slowly starting the process of editing some of the posts that I think are great recipes and deserve more attention than what they are getting due to the gross quality of the pictures.

These S’more bars are definitely up there as one of my favorites and everyone always seems to ask for the recipe.


Anything that has the title S’more in it is usually my go to. If we are out to dinner and they have anything S’more on the dessert menu I have to try it. S’more cupcake? Yup. Ben and Jerry’s S’more flavored ice cream?, Yup..

There is just something about the gooey marshmallow that gets me every time. Balanced with crunchy graham and then sweet chocolate. I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. Seriously. The only thing better than a classic S’more is a peanut butter cup S’more. That is maybe the worlds greatest treat.

It could also be the fact that every time I have a S’more I am either camping or sitting around a campfire (at least now in my adult life. In high school I made S’mores over our stove on a weekly basis).

Maybe if S’mores weren’t typically enjoyed while sitting outside with friends and family under the stars they wouldn’t be as good. Perhaps if I made a S’more tonight over my stove at home I would feel less impressed than I would if I were, say, camping in the woods with the slight flavor of bug spray in my S’more.


Hopefully you’ll believe me when I say these are literally some of the best bars you’ll ever make. If it was worth it for me to re-take pictures of them for my blog…they have to be good. Because one curse I feel I have put on myself is the fact that I always want to try new recipes and share them on the blog.

These were worth the repeat (They are easy too) and I whip them up often because there is nothing people love more than something S’more flavored. Could be the childhood thought it evokes, or could just be the fact that chocolate, marshmallow and graham (in this case a sweet cookie/graham crust) is a genius combination.


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It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun.
[after I clean my house, clip my cats nails, run errands and do laundry]

There is little I love more than Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly. Get’s me pumped every time.

Although my to do list is crazy long today, I am looking forward to a fun weekend with my bro and sis-in-law. We have a weekend full of food, food, food and drinks. Oh, and also a Bull’s game and Punch Brother’s concert. But mostly food. I always have SUCH A HARD TIME narrowing down where and what to eat when we have guests. I think we are going to try and stick to the classics this time around. Which means super unhealthy, fat-filled foods like pizza, Italian beef, hot dogs and burgers. There is no time to sleep and only time to eat and drink.

Hope you’re all having a glorious week. This week was complete crap due to the 7 inches of snow lake Michigan assisted in dumping on us. I can’t wait to go scrape/dig my car out. AGAIN. BUT, keeping with my attitude from last week I’m going to bundle up, cover my booty and enjoy the crisp beautiful snow instead. At least the sun is shining and I have a warm cat on my lap and hot coffee in hand!!!

Now, without further ado, here are my loves of the week:

Looking forward to warmer weather? Me too. Let’s pretend it’s summer. Turn your heat up to 80, turn on some Bob Marley, whip up some guacamole and make a batch of Paloma’s! They don’t even have to look as beautiful as these. Pour them into and old pasta sauce jar for all I care, just make them and then thank me after the hangover has subsided (because they’re so good you won’t be able to stop drinking them).

293c131959a0ab80ab463c66b70a93ceFor Christmas, Mikey bought me a subscription to Glossybox. It’s the greatest gift because it is all beauty products and they arrive in pretty packaging once a month. Sometimes I love the products and others I pass along to friends. But this Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner is the best thing in the world. I am obsessed with face wash and creams. I spend way too much money on them and have even convinced Mikey to (sort of) use them as well. I have combination skin and so I usually stick to scent-free lotions and toners and typically toner makes my face really red. This is the best thing I’ve ever used. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed like it has a layer of silk on it. That sounds extreme but I’m dead serious. It smells insanely good and is all natural. If you’re looking for a toner the truck stops here. This is what you’ve been searching for all these years. Your skin will thank you! kueshiMikey collects shoes and has always told me I need a pair of dunks. Well, I finally found them. Just call me Beezy or Beezus, I answer to both and I’ll be over here polishing my gold Nike kicks if you need me.

I love things that are bold and at times over the top. I’m not afraid to wear super ugly things, it is actually somewhat of a hobby. When it comes to workout clothes I usually stick to black (it’s slimming, duh). But I really really love these leggings. I love them because they are creepy and amazing. Plus, when I read about them I felt empowered. These tights literally show what women are made of. Strong, beautiful and tough bones. Nike-bone-tightsYeah, yeah. I’m on a croissant kick. These are a fun twist on a typical croissant, plus their green! Matcha powder is a fun ingredient to play with as well as a delicious one. You could also use these to make fun looking caterpillar croissants or little monster faces (the list is endless). These are filled with chocolate but you could also put some jam, white chocolate or Nutella and nuts! Either way, someone will be impressed if you make them some Matcha Croissants!

Grandma Evon’s Bean Dip

Ever since the first day I met Mikey he’s been talking about is Grandma Evon’s bean dip.


I FINALLY got the recipe from his Mom and decided to make it for a party. It disappeared within minutes. Not joking, it was the first thing to disappear that quickly out of any party we have ever hosted. It’s that good.

Mikey would always reminisce about this amazing dip and how it was always served with Doritos. When I told him I was making it he asked me about 4 times if I had Doritos to go with it.

I sadly did not get to meet Mikey’s Grandma Evon. I have heard a thousand stories about the amazing and loving woman that she was. One of the things Mikey and I found in common in the beginning of our relationship was the fact that we both had amazing Grandma’s who were CRAZY similar. They were the same woman. They loved their kids and grand kids unconditionally. They were the glue that brought and held everyone together. They loved to drink. A lot. And we laugh about some of the stories we have involving their favorite cocktails.

Mikey’s family always talks about the amazing parties and food spreads Grandma Evon used to have. There was never room for dessert (opposite from my family. We only had dessert) because they had so many appetizers and savory dishes. Many of the recipes have been passed down to me, but this one has an extra special place in our hearts for sure.

I’ve never heard so many food noises come out of one person as I did when Mikey took his first bite of this bean dip. It’s amazing how food can evoke such memory and emotion, and I hope that I can pass on the same love through food to my family one day!


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Who is sick of the weather temp screenshots, hashtags about ____beria and overall complaining about how people are so sick of winter?

Obviously I’m not…(that’s a joke). Friends, we need to embrace this weather for the dirty, dirty rascal that it is and make the most out of it. I have a few tips for you being the northern Wisconsinite that I am. Here they are:

1. Layers. Stack your layers until your boots don’t fit and you cant bend your arms. Seriously. You can always remove them. Wool socks. Fleece lined leggings/jeans. Everyone looks fat under those puffy coats. SO fill that puppy up as thick as you can and I promise that commute (walk to Starbucks) will be a little less brutal.

2. Cover your butt. If you have a lot of junk, or a little junk, in that trunk, cover it. A warm butt is a happy butt. When those winds come whipping off Michigan ave your butt is one of the first things to feel the cold sting. A long jacket makes a HUGE difference.

3. Quality hats and gloves. I don’t want to see any of this open knit hat garbage. You need a tight fitting, wool or fleece hat. If your ears aren’t covered you are not going to make it. And, since all stores are no longer carrying gloves but instead swimsuits (found that out the hard way) you don’t even have to leave your house to buy a pair of super thick ski gloves. I’m talking the kind you would wear skiing in Aspen. Stop trying to look cute, no one cares. .

4. Heated blanket. I learned this from my Mom long ago. Your bed can act as a toaster to your body. All you have to do is click a button while you brush your teeth and BAM! You can slide into a nice, toasty bed. Be careful to turn it off though so you don’t wake up in a sweaty mess…not that I’ve ever done that before…

Take my advice for what it is. I obviously give zero eff’s what I look like when I head out the door in the dead of winter. All I care about is the fact that I stay as toasty as possible (it’s more like a creepy zombie hobble due to all the layers) from one building to the next in this BEAUTIFUL cold weather. Embrace it. It’s all you can do. Find the beauty in the crisp morning sky. Thank God for the warm roof over your head. Focus on the fact that at least it’s not November and that we are flying towards March at an increasingly fast speed.

Grab some blankets, grab an animal (cat, dog, cute friend) buy a case of wine and hunker down. We can get through this together if we stop talking about #chiberia2015 and start talking about the blessings that have kept us warm thus far!

Boom! Now that I’ve dropped what knowledge I have (sorry it’s not much)…lets talk about some beautiful things I love!

This Swedish Semla Layer Cake looks like a giant cream puff. It has some almond paste in it as well which we all know is the way to my heart. Although it seems a teeny bit time consuming it sure looks worth it! haveayummydaysusannablavarg5482I’m always so attracted to these white, whimsical bedrooms. This one has a fireplace on top of the amazing bed, hanging lights, a sky light and don’t even get me started on those floors…jealous is the only word I can think of at this moment. bloodandchampagne5839I found this quote the other day and thought it was beautiful and so filled with hope. unnamed-1Pretty much everything Jessica over at How Sweet Eat’s does is gorgeous. Her pictures are always so bright and crisp and I’m never surprised when I click on a beautiful picture of food and it directs me to her website. I like my coffee hot when It’s -25 outside…but when the weather warms up you better believe I’ll be reaching for a glass of cold brew coffee. coffee-I-howsweeteats.com-1I was chatting with my colorist this past week and I told her that I was thinking about doing something new with my hair. She asked me if I have ever considered pastel’s and I just about screamed with excitement. She read my mind. SO, although my hair is not purple (yet) I did buy this Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk that worked really well. It made my hair crunchy…like, imagine a mix between a wax and a hairspray. So that was kind of gross…but the temporary color was super fun and lasted a couple days until I washed it out. It is a great way to see if you like the color before committing fully (eek!). I love this light lavender color below. I think I’m going to go for it next time I head in to get my hair did! WILDFOX_DAYDREAM_WHITE-3B1XN01_250x430

Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

Tell me what’s better than making cookies with your nephew.

Not only are these the BEST FREAKING COOKIES I’ve ever tasted…they were so fun to make with my little munchkin, Grady.


Mikey and I got to spend the morning with this kid and we had such a blast. Uncle Mikey let him eat a ton of dough and candy and I eventually had to be the mean aunt who told him that he had had enough. We made cookies, chased after Norman and took a trek to the toy store where uncle Mikey wanted to buy Grady everything (we settled on some trucks).

We love spoiling our nieces and nephew (aka, filling them with sugar and sending them home with their parents). And don’t worry everyone (Mom), we can’t wait to eventually bake cookies and spoil our own little munchkins someday… But until that time, we just plan on stealing other peoples kids to spend the day with.


A bit about these cookies: they are dangerously good. They are soft and chewy with a delicious peanut butter kick. We added Reese’s Pieces and chocolate chips to them which made the dough some of the best I’ve ever had. The secret ingredient that makes these extra tasty? A box of vanilla pudding. For some reason that magical bag of pudding powder adds the most incredible flavor and depth to cookies. I’m a big fan and know you would be too. Grady sure did love them!





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